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The New Standard in  Direct Access Trading

HyperTrader redefines state-of-the-art with innovative architecture, based on Java, combine the internet technology and traditional technical analysis software flexibility, allow to use Market analysis and order entry are integrated. Click on a Level II quote to enter the symbol and price for an order. Link order entry enabled windows to charts and quote screens for instant symbol changes. You get access to listed markets and send electronic orders to any Trading Platform.

HyperTrader can help you create a strategy and back-test it using historical data, so you'll know how it would have performed over the tested period before you implement it; can automate your strategy to alert you when it's time to buy and sell based on the criteria you've specified.

Develop Your Strategies

You'll be able to develop you own trading strategies with HyperTrader's Strategies by combining dozens of pre-written entry and exit signals into various combinations. Or, create your own signals with HyperEditor, our proprietary trading language based on Java, and use them to further customize your strategies. HyperTrader even comes with over 200 built-in indicators and studies that you can use to discover market patterns and ideas.

Test Your Strategies

With HyperTrader, you'll be able to back-test your strategies using Financial Data Server, an extensive database of historical market data (more then 200 Exchanges available). And, you'll be able to analyze your strategies, from almost every conceivable angle, using unique analysis and charting features.

Automate your Trading

Once you're satisfied with your historical evaluation, HyperTrader can automate the monitoring of your trading strategy in real-time. The Quote Monitor will actively scan the markets for opportunities that fit your trading strategy's objectives. The Custom Alert feature will send you an alert on your computer, via e-mail or even through your alphanumeric pager, whenever a buy or sell opportunity arises based on your strategy's criteria. And, you'll be able to track your positions with the Tracking Center which will automatically update your open positions


HyperEditor, based on Java Language, gives you the power to create and test even the most complex trading strategies without being a programmer.
Quotes nad News Monitor

Quote Monitor, Option Chain and Ticker Scrolling features give you the ability to get instant price quotes on any symbol you want to follow, at any time throughout the day. The News Monitor allows you to receive up-to-date information at your desktop on a real-time or delayed basis.
Exclusive Reporting

More reports, more ratios, more graphs. Everything you need to find a winning strategy.
Order Monitoring Features

You'll always know when a profitable buy/sell opportunity comes up, thanks to HyperTrader Market Maker, which keeps track of all your alerts, orders and protective stops, tells you when you've reached your profit target, and even tracks your open position profit and loss for you.
Full Internet Integration

See how HyperTrader takes full advantage of the power and reach of the Internet for all aspects of your trading.
Data Compatibility

HyperTrader is compatible with several Internet and Broadcast popular datafeeds: contact us for further informations.
System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP
• 256 MB of RAM
• 40 MB of available hard-disk space
• Color monitor with 256-color (8-bit)
• Monitor resolution of 800x600
• Network card